Head in the clouds: Syntegon Technology maximises the potential of data

Food & Beverage Asia sits down with Johan Nilsson, member of the executive board and chief service officer at Syntegon, to understand Synexio, the company’s cloud-based solution for the collection, evaluation and visualisation of machine and production data

Tell us more about Syntegon Technology’s approach towards developing digital solutions for the food and beverage industry. What are some key elements and features that the company has focused on developing?

Nilsson: The food and beverage industry is one of the most fast-paced and cost-driven industries and faces dynamic market changes. This is why we believe in building sustainable partnerships with our customers – not only to offer them efficient and future-proof solutions that match their requirements, but to also continue the collaboration during the entire machine lifecycle.

To that end, we developed Synexio, a cloud-based software solution, to help manufacturers leverage their shopfloor’s full potential based on data. It increases the transparency of production processes by collecting, analysing and visualising machine and production data. With this information available, we can identify improvement potentials together with our customers in their production and predict maintenance needs to keep downtimes at a minimum. Increasing equipment effectiveness is no longer a guessing game, but a data-based decision. That is where our partnership principle comes into play; our service experts combine customer data with our long-standing technology know-how. Thus, we help our customers interpret their data and support data-based decision-making to make their production as efficient as possible – and thrive in a competitive market.

Various processing and packaging companies are creating cloud-based platforms for data collection, visualisation, evaluation, etc. What distinguishes Syntegon’s Synexio solution from its competitors?

Nilsson: What sets Synexio apart from solutions of traditional software companies is our partnership approach. This means our customers continuously have a Syntegon service expert by their side to interpret the data, support them with required modernisations or retrofits, or provide operator training.

Synexio lays the groundwork for improving productivity by combining production data and machine know-how. To best fit their requirements, manufacturers can choose between three consecutive service packages: Monitor, Uptime and Empower, with each package adding more features to boost productivity. Should customers want to scale up their digitalisation levels, they can easily upgrade to a higher package.

Monitor visualises various KPIs and allows manufacturers to access current and historical machine and production performance data at any time. At this year’s Interpack, we premiered the second package, Uptime, where our customers can identify reasons for unplanned downtimes and benchmark various machines and time periods. Additionally, Uptime’s sustainability monitoring provides data on power consumption and waste production, supporting them in reducing their carbon footprint. Later this year, we will be launching Empower, the third and most comprehensive Synexio package. Empower reduces unplanned downtimes thanks to condition and time-based maintenance and supports operators with on-demand training content and improved troubleshooting.

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