Having your cake and eating it: Swiftlet Natural Sugar Replacement delivers an alternative experience

As the world adjusts to a new normal – from remote working to livestream broadcasts – consumers are looking for food alternatives that can deliver robust flavour, texture, and added benefits. In the midst of the pandemic, Swiftlet Co. has created its Natural Sugar Replacement, a 100% natural, non-GMO concoction with added health benefits. Its mission: to change the way people think about ingredient replacements by showing that one does not have to compromise flavour for health.

Swiftlet Natural Sugar Replacement contains a blend that is plant-based, 100% natural and non-GMO

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways in which people negotiate their relationship with food. More than ever, consumers are considering how their food and diet choices can affect their health. Moreover, remote working measures have also encouraged many to cook at home, further spurring them to consider their culinary habits, and what goes into their food.

These changes in consumer patterns have allowed for the growth of alternative ingredients in the market: plant-based meats are rising in popularity as consumers seek environmentally-friendly options. Yet, tastebuds are as critical as ever – alternative food products tout near replications of flavour, fragrance, and texture. There is thus a stronger call not only for healthier options, but similar, if not better, tasting ones as well.

The best of both worlds

In Asia, Swiftlet Co., a start-up company, has created a natural sugar replacement which accomplishes both taste and health. The product, derived from several plant-based ingredients, has made ripples in the alternative ingredient market for its unique properties: zero calories, zero glycaemic index and zero sugars. The replacement, which contains prebiotics that promote gut health and digestion, is also easy to measure and incorporate into cooking, with one cup of Swiftlet Natural Sugar Replacement equivalent to one cup of refined white sugar. The ingredients that make up its blend have also been granted food safety status by international food safety agencies, like USFDA and EFSA.

The product was launched in the Philippines last year to resounding success, selling over 1,700 units in its first month.1

Sugar alternatives have been around for quite some time; stevia sugar and agave syrup are just some of the most popular options around with which most consumers are acquainted. However, these sugar replacements have garnered a poor reputation amongst consumers for its poor aftertaste, high cost in comparison to sugar, and possible laxative effects. Thus, most consumers still prefer to use refined or brown sugar in their diets and cooking.

To that end, Swiftlet Natural Sugar Replacement stands out among its competitors as a well-rounded product that can serve health-conscious consumers looking for quality sugar alternatives. Its one-to-one ratio with refined sugar also makes it easy for home-bakers to implement into recipes, be it sweet or savoury.

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