Hanovia is Helping Al Rawabi Dairy in Dubai Keep its Milk Pure

Hanovia’s PureLine UVEO disinfection system

To ensure the purity of its product, Al Rawabi Dairy in Dubai – the UAE’s largest – is using PureLine UV disinfection technology from Hanovia to disinfect water used in the milk production process. The UV system ensures the process is free from harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella.

According to Mr Ashraf, Al Rawabi’s Site Engineer, two of the major benefits of the Hanovia UV system are the low operational and maintenance costs compared to alternative disinfection systems, and the fact that UV disinfection is a completely clean technology which does not produce any disinfection by-products or aftertaste, unlike with chlorine disinfection.

Founded in 1989 with 500 Holstein and Friesian cattle, Al Rawabi now has 10,000 cows at its state of the art farm in Al Khawaneej. As well as distributing milk to over 9,000 outlets in the UAE, Al Rawabi also exports its products to Oman and Qatar. Animal welfare is a high priority for the dairy and all its animals are housed in special air conditioned units which protect them from the stifling summer heat.

The success of Hanovia’s PureLine UV technology in the United Arab Emirates is to be followed by the official Middle East launch of the new PureLine Ultraviolet Energy Optimised (UVEO) disinfection system at the Dubai Drink Technology Expo on May 16.

“Building on the strengths of the existing PureLine range, the PureLine UVEO takes advantage of an optimised hydraulic design to provide up to 60% improvement in the treatment capacity over conventional medium pressure UV systems, using just a single medium pressure UV lamp” says Hanovia’s Technical Director Mark Aston. “This means reduced running costs without compromising on bio-security. A single medium pressure UV lamp eliminates the need to install a bigger system with multiple lamps at higher flows, which saves on up front capital costs and lifetime spares costs.

“The system utilises a smart control system that reads the process water conditions using flow, transmittance and chlorine sensors to control the electronic ballast with ‘stepless’ power, automatically adjustable from 100% to 30%. This feature helps increase the life of the medium pressure lamp and provides further savings on power costs,” added Mark.

Commenting on the launch of the PureLine UVEO in the Middle East, Halim Mirza, Hanovia’s Middle Eastern & Africa Regional Manager’, said: “Ensuring product quality in the beverage production process, while also being price conscious, can be a difficult balancing act for local producers. They need to know that the disinfection technology they’re using is fit for purpose and will protect the product from pathogens such as Cryptosporidium or Salmonella. At the same time they need to balance the cost of that technology with the financial realities. The PureLine UVEO ticks both boxes, as it offers a very high level of biosecurity while also reducing operational costs. It achieves this by using less energy while still delivering effective water disinfection at required flows with a single medium pressure lamp.”

In addition to Al Rawabi, Hanovia has a growing list of impressive food and beverage reference sites in the United Arab Emirates and would be happy to discuss these applications with any interested parties. Please feel free to contact the company’s exclusive local distributor Water Engineering Technologies (WET) FZC, on telephone +971 6 557 8230 or e-mail sales@wet-fzc.com. WET is based in the Sharjah Airport International Zone.