Green Planet Foods launches venture studio into Chinese plant-based food market

Promoting affordable wellness in China by blending global food innovation for plant-based products with the power of acceleration and incubation in Asia-Pacific.

Green Planet Foods has launched its venture studio focused on plant-based food and beverages and advanced farming technologies, powered by founders of the Centre for the Spread of Affordable Wellness (CSAW), China Renaissance Capital Investment (CRCI) and BrandHouse Holding. The four global entrepreneurs in the food-tech and agri-tech industries across Asia-Pacific come together with a common aim – for the world to eat healthier.

Green Planet Foods will act as a market developer and product innovator to introduce “affordable” plant-based food and beverage products, and as an incubator that invests in bringing in new innovations in precision farming, starting with the Mainland Chinese market.

Comprising almost 20% of the global population, Mainland China is one of the most populous country in the world, and is rapidly growing. The local government has launched multiple campaigns targeting better eating habits, such as the Healthy China 2030 campaign that recognises the importance of food and balanced diets to health.

Mark Qiu, co-founder of Green Planet Foods and CEO of CRCI, said: “Unlike popular belief, Chinese capital no longer merely seeks to invest in infrastructure or manufacturing assets. It seeks social impact, and we believe Green Planet Foods’ commitment to affordable wellness is probably the largest positive impact we can make to Chinese society today.

“The COVID-19 situation has exposed how broken the world’s food systems are. Armed with these learnings, we have an opportunity to lead from the front and define how the next green revolution should look like to bring wellness to all. With its immense appetite for new innovations, the Chinese market offers unprecedented scale for new ideas and brands to set the trend for new categories of affordable wellness.”

Incorporated in Singapore and funded by the promoter group, Green Planet Foods will partner with global innovators to further develop, localise and launch their products into the Chinese market through its extended network of corporate partners, investors and portfolio companies.

Green Planet Foods is in the midst of bringing several projects to bear. These range from precision agriculture to plant-based meats, ready-to-eat foods and dairy.

Meera Vasudevan, co-founder of Green Planet Foods and CSAW, concluded: “Through Green Planet Foods, we will offer an international yet local understanding of the Chinese market, while holding an industry-insider view towards technologies and the critical issues that need to be solved in the food value chain. Combining the two, we will achieve tremendous momentum in the Chinese market.”