GNT’s paprika oil opens up new options for orange shades in fat-based and low-water applications

Derived from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants, EXBERRY’S Colouring Foods are not considered additives by the EU

EXBERRY by GNT has developed the first purely oil-based Colouring Food, enabling manufacturers to achieve vibrant orange shades in applications with a low water content.

Made from paprika seed oil and paprika pulp, EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange – OS was created to meet the global demand for low-dosage, clean-label colouring ingredients that deliver bright orange hues.

The new product has a high colour intensity that makes it ideal for applications for which high dosage levels are an issue, including oil coatings for snacks, decorative coatings, and sauces such as mayonnaise. It is suitable for use in many markets and provides good overall application performance.

GNT’s Sonja Scheffler, head of product management, said: “EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange – OS is an exciting new innovation that fills a clear gap in the market, offering an effective alternative to artificial colours and paprika oleoresin across a broad array of applications. Its exceptional colour intensity means it can provide visual differentiation while still maintaining completely clean and clear labels.”

EXBERRY Colouring Foods are created from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants using physical processes and no chemical solvents. Due to the way they are made, these plant-based products are considered to be food ingredients rather than additives within the European Union. As such, EXBERRY Shade Vivid Orange – OS can be described on the ingredient list simply as “Colouring Food (paprika oil)”.

EXBERRY colours are available in a wide variety of formats and can be used to deliver shades from across the rainbow in almost any food and beverage application.