GNT to offer interactive experience at Food Ingredients Europe 2023

GNT’s EXBERRY colouring foods are made from non-GMO fruit, vegetables, and plants

GNT will open up an interactive “colour lab” for its plant-based EXBERRY concentrates at Food Ingredients Europe from 28-30 Nov 2023.

EXBERRY colouring foods are edible concentrates made from non-GMO fruit, vegetables, and plants using physical processing methods such as chopping and boiling. They are available in more than 400 shades from across the whole rainbow and can be used in all food and drink categories.

At FiE 2023, GNT will showcase EXBERRY concentrates’ versatility by inviting attendees to colour their own dairy, confectionery, and non-alcoholic beverages at special application stations.

The company’s in-house professionals will also be available throughout the event to provide insights and advice into how EXBERRY can meet consumer demand in different regions around the globe.

Petra Thiele, managing director at GNT Europa, said: “EXBERRY allows manufacturers to achieve vibrant shades in almost any application while maintaining completely clean and clear labels. Our special ‘colour lab’ will give FiE visitors the chance to experiment with the possibilities for themselves and discover the incredible potential of our plant-based concentrates.”

Based on the concept of colouring food with food, EXBERRY concentrates are classified as food ingredients rather than additives in the EU and many other parts of the world. They are also suitable for vegan, halal, and kosher diets.

To ensure a high level of quality and year-round availability, GNT has a vertically integrated supply chain, with cultivation and harvesting monitored by GNT’s agricultural engineers.