Global Food Partners and Impact Alliance launch credit system for cage-free eggs

Collaboration advocates for a more sustainable ecosystem across various products and industries.

Global Food Partners (GFP), a Singapore-based multinational consultancy that provides support and expertise to food businesses and producers in sustainable cage-free egg production, has announced the launch of Impact Alliance, a collaboration between global sustainability programmes. Through the Alliance, GFP will offer cage-free egg Impact Incentives, a tool for companies to further their cage-free egg commitments in Asia. Cage-free Incentives also accelerate the production of cage-free eggs, and provide financial incentives to producers who meet heightened animal welfare standards.

The launch of the Impact Alliance showcased how Impact Incentives can be used across a range of commodities to accelerate impact and sustainability at the producer level. Current members of the Impact Alliance are the Textile Exchange for leather and cotton, the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Proterra for soy and GFP for eggs.

Similar to carbon and sustainable palm oil (RSPO) credits, cage-free Impact Incentives allow food businesses to buy credits from a certified cage-free egg producer to offset their current caged egg procurement in various Asian markets. This, in turn, enhances the production of cage-free eggs, allowing companies to meet their animal welfare targets. Through these schemes, buyers can support cage-free egg production without disrupting their current supply chains or contracts. Additionally, Impact Incentives are endorsed by international animal protection groups as a means to fulfill global corporate cage-free egg commitments in emerging Asian markets.

Jayasimha Nuggehalli, COO of GFP, said: “Cage-free egg production is still nascent in Asia, and there are multiple challenges for businesses to fulfill their cage-free pledges. These include low production, supply chain complexities, and seasonal demand, which result in increased costs.

“Until supply and demand balance to tip the industry towards normalising cage-free eggs, Impact Incentives give food businesses another option and a path forward to support the production of cage-free eggs. In the future, with increased production, it will be much easier for companies to source physical cage-free eggs.”

In addition to Impact Incentives, GFP provides training and technical support for egg producers to transition to cage-free production systems through the Alliance’s Impact Partnership programme.

Cage-free Impact Incentives are available to food businesses throughout Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Japan and South Korea.