Givaudan launches AI-powered Aroma Kiosk

Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing has launched the Aroma Kiosk, a new digital sensory insights tool, which is designed to connect with consumers in a dynamic environment such as grocery and department stores, universities and shopping malls to gather consumer insights and recommend products in real time.

The Aroma Kiosk is the latest addition to the company’s ecosystem of digital and artificial intelligence (AI) tools that allow Givaudan team in all regions of the world to co-create the future of food with customers, streamlining the end-to-end creation process from conception to rollout.

Compact and mobile, the Aroma Kiosk combines a user-friendly touchscreen linked to Givaudan’s AI algorithm Advanced Tools for Modelling (ATOM) 2.0 and value-added service (VAS) technology. Consumers smell and rate different aroma profiles then the data are translated into personalised flavour preferences using an AI-based algorithm.

The combination of these digital tools and AI is able to shorten the product development cycle, increase the chances of successful launch, and at the same time provide consumers with personalised recommendations and market products.

Fabio Campanile, head of global science and technology for Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing, said: “The Aroma Kiosk is a gamechanger that allows us to crowdsource information on consumer preferences quickly, across many different demographics. The units are at the forefront of digital sensory innovation. Their portability allows them to be situated in public environments, making them particularly powerful. The Kiosks can be customised for any type of product, and can be used in a nearly limitless range of environments, representing a major step towards accessing consumers everywhere, every day, all while data is collected and flows in real time.

“The insights and data can then be used to develop and refine product lines, ensuring they truly delight the consumer, a great example of how we co-create food experiences with our customers.”

Givaudan’s Aroma Kiosk is said to be able to support customers with “accurate, actionable” consumer insights and product development. The Aroma Kiosks can be used to create customised surveys, collect consumer data, offer personalised preferences in real time, and make recommendations on market products. The results can be segmented based on consumer demographics, allowing the company to create crowdsourced products of the future.

The new units have been tested with consumers in a number of locations ahead of launch. For instance, Givaudan worked with an alcoholic beverage company in South Africa to identify the most preferred flavours for different alcoholic applications. The Aroma Kiosk offered an intuitive method for collecting consumer preference data for alcoholic products that is often elusive and difficult to capture. Over a period of three days, the team collected data from over 150 consumers in a shopping mall in Johannesburg to delivery successful products.

On another occasion, Givaudan used the Aroma Kiosk in Mexico to understand the evolving consumer perception of a fresh strawberry flavour. The results from the Kiosk showed how people of different generations perceive flavours and aromas, and how different these perceptions are from one generation to the next. For example, fresh strawberry attributes, as perceived by older generations, were considered to be artificial-like by younger generations. The AI inside the Aroma Kiosk and ATOM captured the evolving perception of a fresh strawberry in consumers’ mind.