Givaudan and Fiberstar enter agreement to expand plant-based texturising ingredients to new markets 

Givaudan and US-based company Fiberstar has announced that they have entered into an agreement allowing Givaudan to commercialise and use Fiberstar’s natural, plant-based texturising ingredient, Citri-Fi. The collaboration will support the expansion of Givaudan’s taste and wellbeing portfolio while extending Fiberstar’s geographic footprint and R&D opportunities.

The collaboration combines Givaudan’s broad customer reach and leadership in taste, sense, nutrition and health with Fiberstar’s expertise in the foodstuff texturising market space enabling food manufacturers to better respond to consumer demand in plant-based ingredients for products that combine desirable texture and taste.

Citri-Fi is a clean label, non-GMO, vegan solution, free of commonly recognised allergens, that improves the texture, taste and stability of a variety of foods ranging from baked goods to meat alternatives.  Citri-Fi is derived from soluble and insoluble orange and lemon fibres through a mechanical process that converts what was once a by-product of the citrus juicing industry into a sustainable, nature-friendly ingredient.

Serge Sabrier, global category director sense, Givaudan, said: “Foodstuff texturisers are an important component in supporting our customers and delivering great food experiences to consumers. We are excited to be partnering with Fiberstar, expanding our Sense Texture offering that today is strong in oat and quillaia. Both oat and citrus are considered superhero ingredients, offering exceptional functionality as natural foodstuff texturisers. Citrus fibre is a winning addition due to its high functionality and high consumer acceptance around the globe.”

John A. Haen, president and CEO of Fiberstar added: “We are enthusiastic about this new commercial agreement. With more than 20 years of experience in the natural texturisers space, we are excited to work with Givaudan to bring clean label texturisers and our extensive applications knowledge to a wider customer-base while also benefiting from Givaudan’s R&D expertise.”

Citri-Fi can be used across a range of applications, adding body and mouthfeel to dairy and dairy substitutes; improving viscosity and mouthfeel in soups and sauces; enhancing moisture and freshness in bakery goods; and for boosting juiciness and texture in plant-based meat alternatives. In addition to these properties and benefits, Citri-Fi can also improve a product’s nutritional profile.

In 2022, Givaudan will initially offer Citri-Fi ingredients in Latin America (with the exception of Chile) and to selected customers in Europe. Outside of these areas, Fiberstar will continue servicing its current customer-base and global distributor network. Givaudan will also use Citri-Fi in its development work as it co-creates formulations with its customers. In the future, Givaudan intends to offer Citri-Fi as an ingredient across all markets around the world.