Get Informed, React Immediately and Anticipate Issues with the EIT AQ-Clock and EIT Audio Modules

As Lord Kelvin famously put it, “If you cannot measure it, then you cannot improve it.” When it comes to boosting production performance on packaging lines, we obviously appreciate the importance of getting accurate measurement. For almost 20 years now, Gebo Cermex EIT™ data acquisition system has been giving all packaging line staff real-time access to relevant and actionable information on performance, quality, losses, traceability, energy consumption and more, allowing them to optimise efficiency and increase productivity.

This modular and responsive system continues to evolve and adapt to today’s industry professionals’ demands, and 2016 will see a big step forward with the release of EIT™ v6.0, incorporating a new web design interface and two more innovative, user-oriented modules: EIT AQ-Clock, offering real-time measurement of accumulation, and EIT Audio, with its voice messages sent to plant floor staff. With the upcoming of the ‘Factory 4.0’ era, what do these new additions bring to the table?


What is EIT™?

EIT™ stands for Efficiency Improvement Tool, a system developed by Gebo in 1996. Designed for and by packaging professionals, Gebo’s modular, scalable EIT™ system is now installed in more than 60 countries. Recording production data and events 24/7, EIT™ provides a wide array of metrics to help users analyse production issues, discover efficiency loss sources and enhance maintenance, boosting overall line performance.

EIT™ Product Manager Danielle Gagnon explains a bit more about the advantages of EIT™ v6.0:

“Nowadays, having a system recording production data and events, providing visual dashboards and comparing performance is not enough. The market is longing for systems with “built-in intelligence”.

Actionable information has become a must. Customers need tools not only to handle production issues and meet ongoing challenges, but also to anticipate them. This is what EIT™ is all about, a modular data intelligence system to help you set your priorities, reach your production objectives and reduce losses.”


Putting operators in the driving seat with the EIT AQ-Clock module

The new EIT AQ-Clock module calculates and displays real-time information on available accumulation in-between and among machines, with a close focus on the critical (key) machine. In the event of a machine stoppage, the module keeps the operator fully aware of how much time he has for restarting his machine before it impacts the whole line. Getting such information is quite powerful. If an intervention must be done at a machine level, the staff is informed of the available time window for doing it without impacting the line. In both cases, thanks to its unique features, the EIT AQ-Clock helps you to quickly react so these stops won’t negatively impact the running of the line:

  • Ongoing and updated display of available accumulation (time)
  • Helps you to manage stoppages without haltering the line flow
  • Operator dashboard based on visual management lean approach
  • Overview of total accumulation on the line.

The EIT AQ-Clock is the only solution on the market to provide such comprehensive overview on accumulation on production lines, allowing operators to address stoppages without affecting the overall functioning of the line. The EIT AQ-Clock boosts operators’ responsiveness and effectiveness.


EIT Audio: A real-time link with your operators

The second new module introduced this year is the EIT Audio, another Gebo solution designed to optimise operator effectiveness. In addition to the visual management tools at their disposal, the EIT Audio provides vocal messages informing operators of ongoing issues, upcoming events, such as a low level of consumables, future changeover, etc. The module can be configured to inform your staff of the “next best move”, thus enabling them to set priorities and react in due time. Another great tool to help you improve performance.

Its technical features include:

  • Advanced Vocal Synthesis
  • Runs on your existing network (WiFi)
  • Compatible with smartphones, PCs, tablets
  • Possible customisation on a user basis

The EIT Audio converts complex and critical information into simple and effective messages for maximum responsiveness.


Awareness, responsiveness, effectiveness

With EIT™ v.6.0, Gebo continues to exceed expectations. These two latest modules, EIT AQ-Clock and EIT Audio, are the only ones of their kind on the market. Not only are they highly complementary, they are simply becoming essential.

With thousands of users in more than 60 countries, Gebo’s EIT™ technology is a positive contributor to the Industry 4.0, a new age in the fields of packaging and production where automation, robotics, intralogistics and information systems will combine to achieve high performance levels.