Gericke test centres found across the world

Years of experience are essential for the correct design of a bulk materials processing system. But to design the system right from the start, more is needed: Tests must be carried out, and whenever possible on an industrial scale. To make this crucial step possible, Gericke operates test centres at all main locations on three continents.

The Gericke test centre, located in the US

Shortening planning time

For production-related trials, Gericke customers have access to test centres in Switzerland, France, England, The Netherlands, Brazil, the US and Singapore. These are equipped with original machines. Experienced professionals design the test arrangement individually and carry out the tests. In addition to testing individual process steps, such as a metering system, the interaction of different machines can also be tested in a practical manner.

Increasing process reliability

The advantage for the customer is to receive confirmation within a short time that the intended process setup delivers what it is expected to do. The risks are reduced and the planning time shortened. In addition, the customer gains valuable experience about the process and can also train employees.

Even remotely

The use of video streaming and conferencing systems also enables detailed testing without the need for physical presence. All tests and meetings can also be conducted via conference tools and the customer receives product samples for analysis in their lab. Remote testing allows producers to save significant time and travel costs.