Gericke introduces AirCIP for horizontal shaft mixers

The AirCIP pushes material out of the mixer through the discharge valves with a minimal amount of compressed air

Gericke has announced the launch of its AirCIP system that enables complete discharge and cleaning of horizontal shaft mixers without the need for bomb doors or manual intervention.

Horizontal mixers deliver high mixing efficiency and low height requirements. In certain applications, emptying the mixers completely after a mixing process is required, such as in the case of changing recipes. Bomb doors are a common solution to facilitate discharge, but there could be a risk of leakage and they require frequent cleaning and maintenance. In addition, the instantaneous discharge flow created by bomb doors can lead to undesirable demixing effects. Bomb doors make large discharge hoppers under the mixers necessary. They are critical for cleaning and inspection.

Gericke’s AirCIP system solves these problems by using a minimal amount of compressed air to create a pulsating effect that pushes the material out of the mixer through the discharge valves. The system also cleans the paddles and the inner walls of the mixer, ensuring no residues are left behind. The AirCIP system can be tailored to different products and applications, and it does not compromise the homogeneity or quality of the mix.

There are multiple benefits of the AirCIP system: it reduces product loss, prevents cross-contamination, saves time and energy, and eliminates the need for manual cleaning between product changes. The system is compatible with Gericke’s range of horizontal shaft mixers, such as the GMS Multiflux and the GBM Gericke Batch Mixer, and it can also be retrofitted to existing mixers.

As with all other Gericke equipment, these solutions are supported by the Gericke’s global network of group companies and local partners.