Gericke GNB Nibbler delivers safe and easy process integration

Gericke Sack Tipping Station and GNB Nibbler

After the launch of the new nibbler and de-agglomerator GNB, Gericke has introduced additional executions to simplify fast and safe integration into any powder handling processes. One such example is the sack tipping station.

The Gericke Nibbler is a coarse grinder and pre-breaker for the size reduction in a broad range of applications. It is used for the deagglomeration, rework and size calibration of various products.

Gericke sack tipping and feeding stations are ergonomically designed to provide safe handling for all types of sacks and boxes whilst controlling and reducing dust emissions thanks to integrated aspirators and filters. Access to rotating downstream machinery is prevented by a safety mesh, and optional magnets remove metal parts.

The combined sack tipping station and nibbler protects not only the operator; with the embedded real time diagnostic, it also brings metal-to-metal contact detection to the unit. If contact is detected between the basket and the paddles, a signal is sent to the control system to isolate power to the drive motor. This protects process equipment as well as the process, significantly increasing the production safety and availability.