Gericke GMS Laboratory Mixer brings superb mixing quality and speed to laboratory and R&D batch sizes

The GMS Laboratory Mixers are based on the mixing principle used in the larger GMS Mixers (available in sizes up to 5,000 litres). With two horizontally arranged, superimposed mixing tools, a fluidised zone is created. This allows fast and efficient but gentle mixing. It operates at the optimal Froude number of 1.1, helping to preserve the high-quality ingredients.

With its low minimal filling volume, the GMS Laboratory Mixer reduces research and development (R&D) costs. The modular design supports interchangeable mixing chambers and easy dismantling of the mixing tools giving additional flexibility and making the mixer very easy to clean. The mixing chamber can even be sterilised out of place.

The GMS Laboratory Mixer can be used for many different tasks. Typical R&D applications include the development of new recipes or as part of a scaling-up process. Direct process use is also possible to produce pre-mixes or small batches. The GMS is also available as a mobile unit making it even more flexible.