Gentle and energy-efficient pneumatic conveying systems

Gericke’s dense phase conveying systems

Pneumatic dense phase conveying is among the gentlest solutions and is often the only technology suited to transport large product volumes efficiently and hygienically without de-mixing. It enables low-abrasion transport as well as complete emptying of the conveyor pipe. Additionally, it reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption. Gericke provides the design and delivery of such systems.

Bulk handling is a major cost factor in the production process but can be well automated. Therefore, choosing the right system is crucial. Since the 1940s, Gericke has enabled the development of pneumatic conveying systems. The company’s technology enables the conveying of a wide variety of goods over short and long distances.

As a supplier of all types of pneumatic conveying system types, Gericke can offer suitabled solutions that also consider the energy consumption and process safety.


Pressure vessels are utilised within pneumatic dense phase conveying systems to introduce the bulk solids into the pipeline and to control the pressure difference. Contrary to when using rotary valves, the system has no leakage air and is absolutely dust tight. This allows a high pressure range from one barg up to six barg, or more. The high solids loading and low velocity lead to gentle conveying and to low wear of both pipeline and receiver in contrast to lean phase conveying systems. With dense phase conveying systems, the transport of bulk solids is possible from short distances right up to long distances of several hundred meters.

Efficient and safe

Gericke uses senders manufactured in house for dense phase pressure conveying systems. In contrast to many other systems available on the market, the air volume can be determined and regulated with significantly higher precision in Gericke systems. This minimises energy costs and makes the installation more economical. As a fully automated system, it also reduces operator workload and minimises potential for errors.

Industrial scale test centres

The Gericke test centres allow pneumatic conveying trials in many different setups, such as dense and dilute phase, under pressure or vacuum. These tests under real industrial conditions give customers the confidence to invest into the right solution. For almost every bulk material, a conveying solution can be found.