GELITA to launch two ingredient solutions at SSW

New endurance-enhancing collagen peptides and a gelatine solution for more efficient softgel production are among the solutions highlighted by GELITA at SupplySide West

As the official collagen sponsor of SupplySide West, GELITA will highlight both its range of ingredient solutions for an improved quality of life, and also launch two new solutions: the pharmaceutical-grade gelatine EASYSEAL for softgel seams, and the new PeptENDURE collagen peptides for enhanced endurance performance. While EASYSEAL will be available worldwide, PeptENDURE will be released first in the US.   

Revolutionary solution for leaking softgel capsules

By switching to the new gelatine EASYSEAL, softgel manufacturers can enjoy reduction in leakers, lower processing costs and higher quality end products. On 25 Oct at GELITA’s breakfast brief, attendees will learn in more detail how to solve issues with leaking softgel capsules simply by changing one process parameter: the gelatine. Dr Stephan Hausmanns and Dr Michelle Montgomery, both from GELITA, will explain how EASYSEAL can improve capsule seams and process efficiency.

An ingredient for enhanced endurance performance

Meanwhile, the theme for the midday lunch brief will be “Fuelling Sports Nutrition”. Led by Martin Walter, healthy ageing and sports nutrition category manager at GELITA, the presentation explores the world of endurance sports, and how dietary support and performance-enhancing products such as PeptENDURE are changing the face of competitive race preparation.

“GELITA is once again leading the way in the global health and nutrition market with innovative product launches,” said Angie Rimel, GELITA North America marketing communications manager. “The addition of PeptENDURE to our sports nutrition portfolio offers industry and sports enthusiasts the ability to go the extra mile with a ground-breaking collagen peptide clinically proven to support increased endurance. Furthermore, the launch of EASYSEAL for the production of softgels that don’t leak is a revolutionary solution for a problem that has been plaguing the industry for decades.”

Aside from the new products, GELITA’s professionals will be on hand to discuss other ingredients in the diverse Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) and gelatin portfolios.


Collagen, one of the recent in-demand functional ingredients, continues to dominate the health and nutrition market. GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) can support the development of clean-label, research-backed health and nutrition formulations – be it for athletes looking to build resilience or active seniors looking to maintain quality of life.


Gummies are another trend to be explored at SupplySide West. GELITA’s latest innovation in this category is CONFIXX – a fast-setting gelatine using starch-free moulding and reducing production time. While SOLUFORM SR and SOLUFORM PE are GELITA’s new solutions for sugar-reduced and high-protein gummies, VERISOL HST supports manufacturers in creating beauty gummies that deliver the recommended daily dose of 2.5g in just three gummies.

Tailored delivery formats

GELITA continues to make advances in the application of gelatine as an ingredient for hard and soft capsules, too. With GELITA’s targeted release portfolio, product developers can now define when and where in the body the active components are released.