GELITA offers new SOLUFORM for further nutrition

While sugar-reduced products are desirable to consumers, they do not wish to compromise on taste. GELITA has introduced SOLUFORM for a variety of formulations which are sugar-reduced or protein-enriched. The properties of the solution will be introduced in an informal 20-minute chat session led by Angie Rimel and Ginger Waller at IFT on 12 Jul, from 1030-1050hrs. Alternatively, a recorded session is also provided.

In today’s competitive environment, originality is the key to success. GELITA’s products offer various ways to make new product developments a reality. As collagen protein specialists, GELITA offers many ingredient options for manufacturers who want to augment their formulations with an additional nutritional value or for those who want to enter the sector.

In addition to the properties gelatine can bring to your products, PEPTIPLUS collagen peptides can provide protein bars with 60% protein, while GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) can stimulate the body’s collagen metabolism. These specific BCP support nutricosmetic needs, bone and joint health, immune health, and more.

GELITA also offers Geliko OU Kosher gelatin and collagen peptides.