GELITA introduces PeptENDURE for enhanced endurance performance

PeptENDURE can be used in various applications, such as powder, beverages, gels and sport bars to support endurance training

GELITA has launched a new ingredient that elevates the body’s ability to train harder and go further. PeptENDURE is the market’s first collagen protein that enhances the effects of endurance training long-term and increases performance as a result of adaptive changes in the muscles. It therefore offers a foundational, lasting change strategy, rather than a quick fix. The neutral-tasting powder can be used in a variety of ways, including supplement powders, RTD concepts, gels and bars. PeptENDURE will be released firstly in the United States and Europe.

PeptENDURE are bioactive collagen peptides (BCP) that improve endurance performance by positively influencing metabolic processes. This is supported by two RCT studies (one in men, one in women) where study participants took either 15g PeptENDURE or a placebo daily for 12 weeks alongside resistance and endurance training three times a week.

Results showed that the PeptENDURE groups were able to increase the distance run in a one-hour time trial significantly compared to the placebo group: the men by an average of 662m, the women by 331m. Additionally, both PeptENDURE groups had an increase in distance of more than 14% over the baseline run. Participants also showed improved energy metabolism and significant improvements in body composition, with reductions in fat mass among both men and women.

Versatile to use

The benefits of these BCPs are relevant to participants in any sport that requires sustained performance – from endurance sports like distance running and triathlon, to team events like football and hockey, and high-intensity gym-based activities like rowing. PeptENDURE can be used in various applications, such as powder, beverages, gels and sport bars. It combines easily with other nutrients, has strong bioavailability and its safety is documented in human and animal studies. To achieve results, it should be consumed daily.

Martin Walter, GELITA category manager healthy ageing and sports nutrition, said: “PeptENDURE offers a whitespace opportunity for manufacturers to target a broader range of consumers with a wider spectrum of benefits than typically associated with protein and/or collagen. As a daily use product, it also promotes long-term brand loyalty.”

PeptENDURE is generally recognised as safe (GRAS), certified kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Furthermore, it is accepted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). As a natural ingredient, it is free from E-numbers and suitable for clean label products.