GEA launches the latest SKIN thermoforming packaging technology: PowerPak SKIN.50

The PowerPak SKIN.50 not only provides processors of sliced products, cut meat, sausages, fish, hard cheese and fine produce e.g. top-quality seafood with high-capacity products up to 100mm high and which protrude 50mm above the level of the packing tray, it can also perform vacuum and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) using the same machine. 

This thermoforming packaging machine brings together the highest production capacity available and minimum wrinkles in the finished package. Through innovative engineering, GEA is able to give an index length of up to 600mm, eight tracks and four rows of product. Quality enhancements have been achieved using a new top-film guiding and pre-heating station. This avoids film-tapering, ensuring it is easier to form, prevents wrinkles and improves the overall appearance of the package, ensuring the correct alignment during the sealing process.

The modular design of the GEA PowerPak.50 SKIN thermoforming packaging system also allows a choice of feeding, labelling and end-of-line equipment to perfectly match any demands of the food producer. The system can be further adapted to provide vacuum and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), which is a system to employ an appropriate gaseous barrier within food packages so as to add to its overall performance and flexibility.

Why SKIN thermoforming

SKIN packaging is becoming increasingly popular as the packaging of choice for many fresh and premium-grade foods. The versatile process wraps all products onto a second skin, even those with sharp edges and irregular shapes. It eliminates air, prevents oxidation and maintains its original colour and flavour, resulting in an excellent shelf life. Finally, it keeps juices and marinades within the package and provides a clear view of the entire product. Thin films and recyclable paper-board webs allow for minimal packaging waste and has an excellent price-performance ratio.