GCS’ Sustainable and Senior Friendly Solution As a Natural Choice for Volvic

Danone Waters has chosen Global Closure Systems (GCS) to cap the latest 1l bottle of its best-selling Volvic brand of natural mineral water. GCS has developed a new screw cap with a TPE strip to provide a perfect grip, making it easier for consumers of all ages to open and close Volvic’s latest 1 liter packaging.

The bi-injected cap, colored white and green, also offers on-shelf appeal, another key requirement for Danone.

“This closure is very innovative in terms of screw caps for Volvic, offering both increased convenience for consumers and on-shelf differentiation. This cap is very well perceived by consumers, solving the micro-stresses we identified in the day-to-day usage” says Eric Maffert, International Marketing Manager for Volvic.

The custom-made cap was designed and developed by Zeller Plastik in France, one of GCS’ 21 production plants around the world. With a global presence in six markets, GCS was in a unique position to crossfertilize and transfer technologies from one segment to another.

“Our experienced and dedicated field engineers were able to satisfy Danone’s brief by utilizing their expertise in personal care packaging and thereby devising a closure that ensures both convenience and brand differentiation,” states Franck Doucet, Key Account Manager, GCS.

“This bespoke project demonstrates how GCS is able to respond to market trends thanks to our customer-focused innovation process and best-in-class manufacturing facilities.”