Ganeden Experts Take Unique Approach to Bust Common Probiotic Myths

CLEVELAND—November 22, 2016—While probiotics continue as a top trend, misconceptions and confusion around the category and the benefits of these beneficial bugs linger. With new information being released daily on the topic, it’s difficult to sort out the facts from the hyperbole. That’s why experts from the probiotic ingredient supplier, Ganeden, decided to provide education and awareness on the topic through a unique approach—a myth buster series called “Probiotics: Beyond the Hype”.

Started earlier in the year, Ganeden’s myth buster series dives into some of the most common probiotic myths to clear up misconceptions on each—in short and easy-to-read segments. To date, the series has provided answers to a variety of probiotic questions, including:

  • Does the “Live & Active Cultures” seal mean yogurt is probiotic?
  • Do fermented foods have probiotic benefits?
  • Can you add probiotics to skincare ingredients?
  • How many CFUs of probiotics do you need in a product?
  • Are all probiotic strains the same?
  • Is formulating with probiotics difficult?
  • Can probiotics be added to shelf stable beverages?

The myth buster series has resonated with readers in both the business and consumer spaces—whether their interest is in formulating with probiotics, writing about them or simply consuming them.

“We’ve seen confusion relating to probiotics across all audiences, from manufacturers to media to consumers themselves, and we felt it was important to shed some light on the facts,” said Michael Bush, president of Ganeden. “The myth buster series is designed to provide consumer- and media-friendly insights on a variety of topics to help set the record straight on common probiotic misconceptions. Regardless of their background, all readers can benefit from it.”

Ganeden will continue to release myth busters on common probiotic topics throughout 2017. For more information on Ganeden or to see previous myth buster content, visit the Idea Center on