Gadot Biochemical Industries overcomes challenges of fortifying gummies with magnesium

(Image: Gadot Biochemical Industries)

Gadot Biochemical Industries has announced that it has developed a three-pronged solution to facilitate magnesium incorporation into gummies.

“As mineral sales continue to grow with consumer demand for magnesium, calcium, and zinc leading the way, pill fatigue more quickly sets in,” Ohad Cohen, CEO of Gadot Biochemical Industries, said. “Gummies are a popular treat-like alternative to obtain nutraceuticals such as minerals, but historically, magnesium has been most difficult to work with in this form.”

For example, although magnesium exhibits desirable gelification, it gives a bitterness and a sandy texture. Gadot has consequently found solutions to these and other challenges.

Cohen explained: “magnesium compounds like magnesium oxide often have poor solubility and can impart an unpleasant taste or texture to gummies. Additionally, these compounds may degrade during processing, reducing their bioavailability and effectiveness. Therefore, finding an efficient and palatable method of magnesium fortification in gummies has been a longstanding challenge for nutraceutical industry product developers.”

Three key solutions

In order to facilitate magnesium incorporation into gummies, Gadot’s R&D team developed a three-pronged solution.

The first is with enhanced dispersibility. Gadot’s fortification method ensures the dispersibility of magnesium compounds in the gummy matrix, allowing for higher bioavailability and efficacy in the body. This will maximise the desired health benefits of magnesium as well.

Secondly, Gadot’s manufacturing technology has resulted in an improved taste and the elimination of the sandy and gritty texture that is associated with other magnesium sources.

“Our manufacturing expertise helps ensure that our customers and consumers can enjoy the benefits of magnesium without compromising on flavor of mouthfeel,” Cohen commented.

The third solution was through stability and bioavailability. Gadot’s magnesium fortification solution maintains the stability and bioavailability of the mineral throughout the gummy manufacturing process, ensuring that the final product retains its potency and delivers the desired health benefits to consumers.

According to the 2022 Delivery Format Report from Nutrition Business Journal, gummy sales achieved superlative growth – achieving a record 74.8% in 2021. Likewise, Nutrition Business Journal’s Jan 2022 survey of US consumers found that gummies are the preferred format for consumers, ranking third when consumers were asked about format that they take habitually but came in first when they were asked what format they prefer.

“As gummies grow in demand, the opportunities to add magnesium are significant,” Cohen commented. “Consumers commonly seek out products to support mood, sleep, energy, and overall good health, and they also know to turn to minerals such as magnesium for its benefits.”

Gadot is also supplies calcium, zinc, calcium-magnesium, as well as apple cider vinegar (ACV), all of which may successfully be incorporated into gummy formulas at high levels of concentration.