Friso TrackEasy takes parents on a journey from grass to glass

The launch of Friso TrackEasy marks FrieslandCampina’s attempt to lead the trend of greater transparency in the food industry worldwide. David Naidu, general manager for FrieslandCampina Singapore, shares more with Food & Beverage Asia on the importance to providing traceability over the formula of milk products, and the advantages in control of the entire supply chain from start to end.

The issue of food safety has gained increased visibility across the world against the backdrop of disrupted global supply chains, and growing consumer concerns about food sourcing and security. Organisations such as the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations have stepped up efforts to promote food safety around the world to address consumers’ needs to access timely, clear and reliable information to make food choices.

In an attempt to enable mums track source of formula milk, Friso, a brand under FrieslandCampina, launched Friso TrackEasy, a smart packaging innovation that allows mums to experience the full journey of Friso’s formula milk – starting from their Dutch-owned farms to its arrival in Singapore – as they hold the tin in their palms.

Friso TrackEasy is built on FrieslandCampina’s 140-year Dutch dairy expertise and its end-to-end control of its entire product journey to provide mums with batch-specific information around Friso’s dairy farming, milk collection, production process, quality auditing, and export. This offers parents a higher degree of transparency over the formula milk products, empowering them to make well-informed nutrition choices for their children.

David Naidu, general manager for FrieslandCampina Singapore, told Food & Beverage Asia: “We have an integrated full-chain control of every stage of production of our formula milk, from grass to glass, which ensures that the full chain journey of Friso products is seamlessly managed and rigorously monitored for product quality and safety assurance. As we are one of the few dairy companies which owns the entire product journey, we are then able to provide parents with complete visibility of the production process and journey of our formula milk via Friso TrackEasy.”

Friso TrackEasy was first launched in Hong Kong in August 2019, and followed closely by Mainland China, Malaysia and now Singapore. It will be further expanded to other countries including Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Greece and Mexico.

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