Fresh from the food truck: Next Gen Foods at FHA – Food & Beverage 2022

Meeting consumer expectations along gastronomical and regional lines are key to enhancing the reach of plant-based products.

By Agatha Wong

The 2022 edition of FHA – Food & Beverage saw the launching of the Alternative Proteins Asia (APA) showcase, which highlighted the latest and most exciting developments in the alternative food scene. Ranging from plant-based craft beers to vegan eggs, visitors were treated to innovative experience demonstrating the future of protein.

Amongst the many participants of the showcase was Next Gen Foods, whose plant-based product, TiNDLE, was prepared in a pop-up food truck as samples for curious tastebuds.

“It’s great to see the industry coming back together after around two years. There is a great presence of plant-based meat [at FHA – Food & Beverage], and it’s great to see that the category is not only getting bigger, but only better,” commented Marc Jolly, vice-president of business development for APME at Next Gen Foods. “And that is really what we are trying to do that TiNDLE — that is, saving the planet from a food consumption perspective; and making it a pleasure, not a pain. What consumers are looking for in TiNDLE is the taste, the texture; they’re looking for nutrition, they’re looking for affordability. And it’s great to see the evolution of things right here at FHA.”