Food & Beverage Asia Jun/July 2021


The lactose-free dairy boom: How can enzymes help producers deliver on-trend lactose-free varieties?
Demands for lactose-free diary products have risen over the years, particularly in the Asian market. More than ever, consumers are seeking out authentic, healthy and clean-tasting dairy produce. To that end, Ben Rutten, business manager Milky, DSM Food Specialties, writes about how lactase enzymes could be a key innovation to help meet these demands.

Moving on: igus presents new designs amidst pandemic
The pandemic has changed how companies operated their businesses – igus is not an exception. With 168 new products offering better performance, wear-resistance, amongst other features, the company demonstrates how innovation and productivity can be achieved even in these unprecedented times.

The circular economy in packaging technology: Sustainability needs collaboration
Ensuring sustainability in packaging, whilst meeting the needs of consumers, brandowners, and converters/fillers, could be a tough balancing act. V-Shapes seeks to satisfy the needs of its stakeholders whilst working toward sustainability through aiming to offer both recyclability and compostability in its innovations.