Food & Beverage Asia February/March 2022


Collagen-rich tissues support immune health
With immune health being a growing concern, collagen-rich tissues can play a part in defending the body against pathogens and micro-organisms, right from the skin to the bones. By fortifying the body’s natural physical defense, as well as making use of the relation between connective tissues and the immune response, companies can create functional products that help consumers meet their needs.

Biting truths: Overcoming food fraud along the supply chain
Counterfeit ingredients, unapproved enhancement, unclear sources – these are but some of the challenges that can discrupt food authenticity and consumers’ trust in what they eat and drink. To put minds and tongues at ease, and secure brand reputation, companies must do their part to ensure that their products are safe and authentic – done so through the use of inspection instruments capable to detecting inorganic components and migratory compounds.

Delivering better-for-you nut snacks with comprehensive systems
As nut snacks are on the rise from growing health consciousness among consumers, producers can capture this market through adopting various seasoning and coating options. By making use of various roasting and drying equipment, companies can deliver consistent nut recipes across different flavours and cooking techniques.