Food & Beverage Asia August/September 2021

How Asia’s food producers can stay ahead with technology
Fabio Tiviti, senior vice-president & general manager, ASEAN-India, Infor, writes on how producers can utilise data to enhance production and efficiency, from using patterns to smoothen hiccups and minimise delays, to identifying right solutions through analytics, and generating even more data through technology as leverage amongst competitors.

Planting the seeds for a plant-based future: How can food manufacturers tap into the inexorable rise in demand for vegan alternatives?
Plant-based foods have been on the rise with the surging popularity of veganism and clean eating. Given these demands, manufacturers must consider the myriad factors that come into play when designing food and beverages, considering not only taste, but also sensory experience, and even clean labelling.

Pressure makes perfect: Hiperbaric’s HPP technology checks all boxes in food packaging
Hiperbaric’s high pressure processing (HPP) technology delivers an innovative solution in food packaging and processing, ensuring not only food safety in an world of growing awareness toward hygiene and sanitation, but also the preservation of nutrients and freshness for consumers to deliver health-boosting properties.