Food & Beverage Asia April/May 2022


An alternative price for protein
Despite the rising trend towards alternative proteins, there is still considerable ground to cover for the market in achieving price parity with conventional proteins. Producers can seek to optimise and scale their production, in order to pass on cost-savings to consumers, enabling greater accessibility.

Going overseas: A way out for Chinese plant-based meat brands?
Vegetarian cuisines are no stranger to Chinese diets. However, with growing competition in the alternative protein market, Chinese plant-based meat brands need to do more to generate buzz and innovation, both locally and globally.

How digitalisation and IoT can keep the production line moving
As Industry 4.0 looms overhead, producers might be hard pressed to adopt digital solutions to their business operations. Yet, despite the potential costs incurred in making the switch from analogue to digital, the benefits of adoption will far outweigh any disadvantages in the short term.