Food & Beverage Asia April/May 2021


The sustainability quest: Cleaner diet, greener actions
Food choices are more than just filling our stomachs — it also have an impact on the environment.

Eating right: The key to better health at every stage of life
Nutritional needs change as people age. Christian Philippsen, managing director at Beneo, discusses the most important nutrients needed in overall health management, and how food manufacturers can play an active role in meeting these needs by providing more natural, functional food ingredients with proven health benefits.

A fresh experience sealed with confidence
Whilst caps and closures are often the last part of the food manufacturing and packaging process, it marks the beginning of the consumer experience with the product. Moreover, these solutions are integral in ensuring food safety and product integrity of the product throughout its shelf life. Food & Beverage Asia speaks with Astrid Hoffmann-Leist, chief marketing and innovation officer,
business director Asia-Pacific, United Caps, on the company’s latest innovation breakthrough, and the balance between sustainability and product safety.