Follow the rainbow brick road: GNT taps into Gen Z for future of colour

While one might not find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, there is a world of opportunities to be discovered in choosing the perfect colour to exemplify the goodness that a product has to offer. Agatha Wong finds out how pop culture and social media can provide more than a drop of inspiration for the next colour trends in the industry.

In line with wellness trends and surging consumer awareness on brand activism, GNT has identified colour trends which have caught the eye and fancy of customers, with Gen Z leading the way for bold and brilliant palettes that complement their support for impactful initiatives.

Drawing upon semiotics, social media, fashion trends, and pop culture to define the colours at the forefront of the industry, Color Futures (the first of many to come) features a kaleidoscopic array of “insights and inspiration for food [and] drink futures”, Spanning across 128 pages, the book defines, as its key theme, “Healthy Hedonism”, and how Gen Z as a disruptive demographic is paving the way for kind, considered, and nourishing lifestyles. From cover to cover, the volume taps into how this emerging demographic is tapping into positive, radical change as part of their ethos on well-being, and the ways it can inform food producers through the use of vibrant colours to spread their message of environmental consciousness, transparency, and health.

“These young consumers are hugely passionate about sustainability and want natural, healthy products with clean labels. At the same time, it’s also a very creative generation and many of them are seeking out food and drink with exciting colour combinations that can make a real impact on social media,” shared Maartje Hendrickx, market development manager at GNT.

“It’s a trend we’re very excited by because it fits perfectly with our plant-based, sustainable EXBERRY colours. We create EXBERRY Colouring Foods from edible fruits, vegetables, and plants using physical processing methods such as chopping and boiling. This means they support clean labels but they can also be used to deliver a full spectrum of vibrant shades in food and drink.”

Color Futures is divided into three colour directions influenced by the trends and analyses conducted by GNT: Soft Play Pastels, which tap into soft, luminous, tone-on-tone hues; Altered States, which play with ombre, diffused shades; and Riotous Joy, which incorporate clashing, saturated colours. These directions bring together the company’s expertise in natural colours and the demand for “futuristic brights and daring combinations”.

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