Fogg creates new Ultrazone O4 technology

New sanitising technology.

Fogg Filler has been continually focused on improving technology that serves its customers and the environment with the introduction of a new Ultrazone O4 sanitising solution for filling needs. The sanitisation process can perform at a 3 – 6+ log reduction, resulting in a near-aseptic rinse for bottles.

Ultrazone O4 creates a hydrogen peroxide “like” solution from a combination of electricity, air and water, which keeps chemical cost low while increasing profitability, Fogg claimed. With the ability to filter and reuse the water-based solution, one system can save up to 18,000 gallons of water daily, thus increasing the facility’s savings on wastewater disposal, the company added.

The Ultrazone O4 solution comes complete with the Ultrazone O4 skid and fully-enclosed, custom rotary bottle sanitising turrets. The Ultrazone O4 skid creates and recycles the solution continuously, while the sanitiser turrets apply the solution to the bottle to achieve the desired level of sanitisation. The fully-sealed door enclosure around the turrets contains all fumes during operation using HEPA pressurised airlocks at the bottle entry and discharge points, and electronic door locks open after fumes are safely evacuated from the chamber.

During the sanitisation process, bottles may need to be treated on one or more turrets, depending on the line run speed and necessary contact time. Once inside the enclosure, bottles are first sprayed aggressively inside and out with the sanitising solution in an upright position to start the contact time and loosen mechanical debris. They are then passed on to the sanitiser where the bottles are rinsed upside down so that solution may flow out of the bottles.

In a two-turret installation, the first turret will sanitise the bottles with the Ultrazone O4 solution, and the second turret can be used to drain or rinse another solution. Lastly, the bottles pass through a HEPA pressurised degassing tunnel and out through the exit airlock. Once the bottle is out of the chamber and inside the filler, the filling and capping process proceeds as it would on any Fogg filler.

This technology can be purchased on new machines, replace plant operators’ existing sanitiser systems, or be paired with existing standalone filler.