Five trends shaping the food industry in 2021

From heightened anxiety and stress, to changes in social connectivity, to a more holistic approach to wellness, consumer needs are transforming at a rapid pace. Understanding foundation macrotrends, human tensions and consumer behaviour is key to ensuring a sustainable future for food and beverage businesses. Through ADM’s OutsideVoice consumer insights platform, the company identifies five global trends that will shape the food industry in 2021.

ADM has released its view on the five food and beverage trends that will impact the way consumers eat and drink in the new year. Based on research from ADM’s OutsideVoice consumer insights platform, the report provides a breakdown of each trend that will come to the fore in the 12 months ahead.

Each of these trends is influenced by behavioural and societal changes that have emerged since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, including heightened feelings of anxiety and stress, shifting priorities, changes in social connectivity, and the adoption of a more holistic approach to wellness.

Leo Liu, Asia-Pacific president of ADM, commented: “The coming year will be one of significant change and innovation for the food and beverage industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Driven by the global health crisis and sustainability trends, consumers are looking for products that naturally contain beneficial ingredients, and have a more healthy and positive impact on the environment.

“We will see more transparency in labelling as consumers look for products that meet these expectations, and much stronger demand for plant-based protein in their diet. It will be a dynamic market and one in which we look forward to assisting customers meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

The full article is published in the latest edition of FBA Dec 20/Jan 21 issue. To continue reading, click here.