Five reasons for leveraging your packaging equipment supplier for enhanced packaging design

By Coline Hercouet, industrial packaging designer leader, Synerlink

In the competitive world of food production, successful machine manufacturers go beyond just delivering reliable equipment. Synerlink
provides an industrial packaging design service, which offers numerous benefits to both end consumers and food producers alike. It has provided complete packaging solutions and services for food, beverages, home and care products by bringing together some of the industry’s most trusted brands, which include Arcil, Dairy Pack and Hema.

This article explores the top five reasons why collaborating with the equipment manufacturer (OEM) for packaging design is a strategic choice.

One: Optimise packaging for efficient production

Packaging design plays a pivotal role in influencing several aspects of the production process, including transportation costs,
material sourcing, and logistics. Working with the OEM’s packaging design team allows one to optimise packaging dimensions and shape,
which might bring a reduction in production costs. By considering the specificities of the packaging equipment, the design team can ensure that the packaging aligns with stringent production requirements.

“When designing a cup, since initial conception, we have to think about each step of the project development and about the feasibility
according to the machine production, while taking in consideration the needs of the final consumers,” said Coline Hercouet, industrial packaging leader at Synerlink.

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