Five Inspiring New Processing and Packaging Solutions from GEA at IFFA

Düsseldorf, Germany – Inspiring Food Solutions is the theme for GEA’s booth at IFFA in Frankfurt (May 7 to 11). Five new products, two major re-designs and a selection of the most important machines are set to inspire visitors to the show. The launches include a grinder, mixer, labeler, entry-level model of the PowerPak thermoformer and an end-of-line automation system. These are joined by the recently introduced drum coater, a continuous in-line marination system, the highly respected CutMaster bowl cutter, an enhanced twin-log slicer and a new stand-up bag format for a continuous vertical flowpacker. The latest developments to the CookStar three-phase spiral oven also receive extra attention.


New Grinder, Mixer and CutMaster

First up from the Meat Treatment activity, which covers marination and preparation, is the new GEA PowerGrind 200. It is the latest development of GEA’s double-screw grinders for both fresh and frozen meat. With its 200mm diameter grinding head, it supersedes the popular AutoGrind 200 and complements the successful GEA PowerGrind 280. These robust machines are widely recognised as best-in-class for high-capacity grinding and ease-of-use. The new GEA ProMix, a development of the long-running UniMix range, offers higher performance in terms of hygiene and safety, and is available with or without vacuum and as a GEA ColdSteam version for extremely rapid defrosting. The GEA CutMaster 500 V bowl cutter, one of the mainstays of GEA’s preparation equipment range, benefits from continuous improvements and completes the meat preparation offering on the booth.


Evolving the Marination Process

Marination is represented on the booth with an innovative continuous in-line injection solution. Developed to boost the yield of bone-in and skin-on poultry products like chicken wings, drumsticks, thighs, legs and whole- or half-birds, the GEA Evolution solution combines controlled brine injection with short massaging to optimise brine distribution. It also virtually eliminates post-packaging drip loss, as well as reducing skin damage on products that should not be tumbled for long periods. The line on the booth features an AccuJector 450, brine injector, MultiShakers for transport, product spreading and excess brine removal at the infeed and outfeed.


Beating the Drum for Homestyle Breading

Homestyle breading is a fast-growing trend for coating poultry products, and the GEA MultiDrum can authentically reproduce this coating technique in an automated industrial environment. The recently introduced machine was met with enthusiasm by poultry processors looking for an integrated line solution that gives the true homestyle look, feel and taste in a cost-effective way.


Three-Phase Spiral Oven

Although not present at IFFA, the latest developments to the third-generation GEA CookStar spiral oven are highlighted on the booth. This machine has evolved into the only three-phase cooking concept in a double spiral configuration, thanks to its active ‘booster’ zone that forms a bridge between two large spiral zones. Its ability to use steam, hot air, roasting, smoking and drying in any combination makes the CookStar the most flexible solution for industrial cooking.


GEA DualSlicer with Interleaver

News on the slicing front is the extended performance of the recently introduced GEA DualSlicer. This slicer with two independent drives, adjustable rotor head and a three-stage portioning conveyor slices two or four calibrated logs, or two natural-shaped logs (such as cooked ham cheese, bacon and raw ham), and is known for consistent slice quality and a high capacity. The DualSlicer is very hygienically designed with perfect access from all sides, which guarantees an easy operation and profitable increase in efficiency.


Entry-Level Thermoformer

One of the two headliners from the packaging activity is a new GEA PowerPak configuration specially developed as a basic machine with limited functionality. The whole GEA PowerPak range has been re-defined to make it easier for customers to specify a thermoformer for a specific application. This makes packaging solutions more cost-effective by omitting functions that are not required. The latest addition is an entry-level configuration that gives smaller-scale packaging operations access to the quality and reliability of the PowerPak platform.


End-of-Line Automation

An example of a larger GEA PowerPak is also featured on the booth, and this model is a showcase for three important developments launched at IFFA: an enhanced self-learning, automated technique for dieset changing that requires no extra tools; a new higher capacity GEA TiroLabel labeling unit; and an end-of-line control system that significantly reduces manpower requirements. The end-of-line is one of the few remaining areas where automation has yet to deliver significant cost savings. Upstream processes are already automated whereas downstream equipment still requires a lot of people. The new GEA end-of-line control system changes this and can reduce labor costs by up to 50 per cent. The line on the booth features a 450mm wide PowerPak fitted with a PowerGuide lane converger and an EasyCheck to detect metal, confirm correct labelling and weigh packages. This PowerPak is equipped with the new generation TiroLabel labeler.


New EasyDoy Bag Style for SmartPacker

A new bag style for the GEA SmartPacker vertical flowpacker called the EasyDoy will be launched at IFFA.

It will be demonstrated on a continuous operation CX400 producing flat-bottomed stand-up bags measuring 200 x 300mm. The EasyDoy looks like the popular doy-style bag, but is much easier to make and has a higher fill rate because the bag is taller and made to be filled from the top instead of from the side.