First Krones solution for ozonising water developed in-house

The new addition to Krones’ process technology portfolio: the Krones Ozonomic ozoniser

Ozone is known as one of the strongest oxidising agents available. Producers of packaged water also like to take advantage of its effect and operating principle because ozone dissolved in water reliably removes bacteria and viruses and then swiftly decomposes without leaving any residues. That is precisely the reason why an ozoniser ideally supplements the kit of all those who use a conventional filling process for their still water and want to be on the safe side with product quality. Now, Krones has expanded its portfolio of water-packaging equipment to include just this area of expertise, introducing an ozoniser developed in-house.

Microbiological stabilisation prior to filling guaranteed

The ozone generator integrated in the Krones Ozonomic works on the principle of dielectric-barrier discharge: It breaks down oxygen and forms ozone molecules which are added to the drinking water before filling it.

In order to convert oxygen into ozone, the ozone generator works exclusively on the basis of compressed air, so no separate oxygen supply is required. The downstream stainless steel injection system is operated at a pressure of two to three bar, which makes for efficient ozonisation performance, even with high water temperatures or pH values. The typical amount of ozone added to still water is 0.4mg per litre of product.

Double disinfecting power

The name alone denotes its close connections within the Krones portfolio: the Ozonomic and the water treatment systems from the Hydronomic family constitute a can-do team when it comes to meeting the most stringent of requirements for water quality. After the water has been treated in various modules of the Hydronomic series, it is passed through the Ozonomic, which guarantees its microbiological stability, so that a conventional process can then be used for packaging it without any impairment of quality and product safety.

Ozonisation even achieves disinfection twice over here: Not only does the ozone sterilise the water itself, at the same time it also disinfects all container and closure parts coming into contact with the product.