Firmenich uses AI to create new flavour

Firmenich has developed what it called as the first ever flavour created by artificial intelligence (AI), a lightly grilled beef flavour for the use in plant-based meat alternatives. This marks a key milestone in Firmenich’s digital transformation across its value chain, while providing its customers with tasty and nutritious solutions.

Eric Saracchi, chief digital and information officer for Firmenich, pointed out that AI has unleashed the potential into new boundaries by empowering its creators with “precise formula” from starting point, as well as additional suggestions for optimised ingredient combinations from which they can create bespoke tastes.

The AI flavour was created in collaboration with Microsoft, leveraging the entirety of Firmenich’s broad raw material database. The resulting grilled beef flavour capitalise on Firmenich’s palette of ingredients and SmartProteins expertise in plant-based protein alternatives.

Emmanuel Butstraen, flavours president, Firmenich, concluded: “The COVID-19 crisis has changed the food innovation landscape as well as the consumer marketplace. We must understand and respond to these rapidly-evolving needs with more creativity at an even faster pace.

“Whether through offering moments of comfort and delight or addressing the larger shift towards healthier food and beverages, the exciting addition of AI allows us to better leverage different raw materials and explore new creative leads.”