FI Asia: GNT Presents Truly Natural Colours for Appealing Foods and Beverages

GNT’s Colouring Foods, obtained exclusively from fruit, vegetables and edible plants, offer truly natural alternatives for nearly every product category.

Growing Demand for Concentrates of Fruit & Vegetables (Colouring Foods) / Market Leader offers Future Proof Solutions

Mierlo / Shanghai, 15 June 2016 – All around the world, people are increasingly critical towards additives in their food and beverages. As a comprehensive survey by GNT and TNS shows, this is especially true for Asia: 81 per cent try to buy products without colourants, E-numbers or flavourings when shopping for groceries. At Fi Asia-China, to be held in Shanghai from 21 to 23 June, GNT, the market leader in Colouring Foods, will demonstrate its outstanding colour solutions which offer truly natural alternatives for imparting brilliant shades to food and beverages.

“Today’s consumers’ awareness for healthy nutrition is rapidly driving the demand for natural colour solutions”, says Victor Foo, General Manager of GNT Singapore Pte Ltd. “Our EXBERRY® Colouring Foods provide perfect alternatives to additive colourants, fulfilling consumers expectations to the highest extend. Manufacturers don’t have to decide any more between naturalness and brilliant colours in order to offer appealing food and drinks.”

GNT’s colour-intensive concentrates are obtained exclusively from fruit, vegetables and edible plants. The production process solely involves gentle physical methods such as chopping, pressing and filtering. Thanks to innovative proprietary processes, the desired colour nuance and intensity can be achieved for nearly every food and beverage category. Not only are Colouring Foods the perfect solution for the production of clear label products. They are also fully comparable with artificial colourants in regard to colour intensity, stability and shelf life.

At stand E5C24 at Fi Asia, GNT representatives will answer visitors’ questions about the production and utilization of its EXBERRY® Colouring Foods, as well as provide insights into the results of the worldwide consumer survey. Additionally, there will be a live lollipop demo session during the whole show and GNT’s confectionery expert Bettina Blau will host a presentation in room E5M29 on 22 June, between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m.

More information about GNT and Colouring Foods is available at: