Ferrero partners Sourcemap to trace hazelnut value chain

Italian chocolate and confectionery products manufacturer Ferrero has established a partnership with Sourcemap, a provider of supply chain mapping, traceability and transparency solutions. The latter’s technology provides a platform to visualise supply chains and enhance traceability, further strengthening the former’s efforts in this regard in working with its suppliers to achieve greater transparency.

Through Sourcemap’s platform Ferrero will have the ability to collect key data on social and agricultural practices, validate the value chain through data science, and ensure that performance is continuously improving.

Most of the world’s food supply chains, including Ferrero’s global sourcing activities, are faced with the same commonality – complexity. The hazelnut supply chain has specific challenges. For instance, in Turkey there are currently around 470,000 officially registered hazelnut farmers. Using advanced technologies for traceability will further strengthen governance and also mitigate the potential short-term impact on Ferrero’s progress as a consequence of COVID-19.

Marco Gonçalves, chief procurement and hazelnut company officer at Ferrero, concluded: “The social and environmental quality of the raw materials we source is essential to Ferrero. Our recently published Hazelnut Charter outlines our commitments in this regard, founded on a continuous improvement approach. Our partnership with Sourcemap is an important building block towards achieving greater supplier transparency and enhancing quality.”