Fermentation: A key to nourishing the world

Baking with Lesaffre Baker demonstrating during Fi Asia 2022

Lesaffre, through its four Asia-Pacific business units, has raised awareness on the benefits of yeast at Fi Asia 2022.

Nourishing nine billion people in 2050 in a healthy way while saving the planet’s resources is a major challenge that yeast and fermentation can meet.

Fermentation has been applied for centuries in the food industry, even in health, fuel, and renewable chemicals industries. For Lesaffre, fermentation represents the future, both for its potential in terms of technological innovation and for its ability to feed an ever-increasing global population both healthily and sustainably.

Despite being the answer to nourish the world’s population, the majority of the general public are not aware of yeast’s potential. According to a study conducted by Lesaffre, only 17% were able to give a precise definition of yeast. To meet this challenge of raising awareness, exploreyeast has offered a variety of information through a fun and educational approach. Lesaffre uses the hashtag “PoweredByYeast” to illustrate the passion to explore the superpowers and benefits that yeast brings to the production of many fermented products, particularly in terms of texture, taste and nutritional composition.

To further raise the awareness of the benefits of yeast, four business units of Lesaffre Asia Pacific have come together for the first time this year to exhibit at Food Ingredients Asia (Fi Asia 2022): Baking with Lesaffre, Biospringer, Gnosis and Procelys. Held at Jakarta, Indonesia from 7–9 Sep 2022, Fi Asia 2022 is one of the leading food and beverage platforms to connect suppliers and buyers.

The microorganisms are the driving force behind the natural fermentation, the magical process that allows a dense mass of dough to become a well-risen loaf of bread. Lesaffre, through Baking with Lesaffre, has created different types of yeast, including compressed, crumbled, dehydrated, and freeze-dried forms; each remarkable for their performance, purity, and stability. These ready-to-use or customisable solutions allow bakers over the world to produce better bread easily. Lesaffre’s solutions help bakers to yield a large number of molecules, creating flavour profiles for a wide variety of baked goods.

Gilles Salmon, commercial director of Lesaffre in Asia-Pacific, said that baker’s yeast plays an essential role in bread making, regulating fermentation activity and aromatic development of the bread. Baking with Lesaffre offers solutions to supports innovation by providing bakers with the ingredients and knowledge to bring the latest baking trends to life.

“We’ve seen the growth in Asia Pacific for food retail industry that is predicted to grow almost 8% in the next five years. This motivates us to engage further with the baking industry in APAC, which is going through a fantastic transformation. Baking applications are diversifying, APAC bakers are exploring more complex techniques, which means advance solutions will be needed, and Lesaffre’s expertise will be an asset,” said Salmon.

Aside from that, fermentation process is also developed for Biospringer that offers customers a range of yeast extracts and yeast derived ingredients. The diversity in taste and intensities of yeast extracts can accentuate the taste of numerous sweet and savoury foodstuffs, including sauces and seasonings, snacks, meat analogues, processed meats and many more. These properties in taste perception are attractive for nutrition purposes, and making yeast extract a natural and clean-label solution for developing healthier products as well as to reduce salt. Thanks to their regional presence in Asia Pacific, Biospringer partners with clients to create innovative and natural origin ingredients from yeast fermentation, helping to make food tastier and healthier while being reliable and respectful of the planet and people.

Philippe L’Honneur, head of Asia-Pacific at Biospringer, mentioned: “Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about their health and the food they consume, but taste remains as a key factor of acceptance in their food choice. In view of these trends and challenges, Biospringer has developed innovative and natural ingredients from yeast fermentation to make food both healthier and tastier, without compromising on the taste. Thanks to the strong market knowledge and innovation, our APAC technical experts based in Singapore are capable to support food manufacturers on any local formulation challenges including salt reduction, sugar reduction and more.”

Lesaffre’s strives to be a leading player in the global movement to harness the power of fermentation by developing its portfolio of microorganisms. With the expertise from 62 application centres, eight sensory analysis labs and 76 factories around the world, together with feedback from clients, partners and stakeholders, the company is able to co-create entirely new offerings and enhancements to existing ones to help clients anticipate future challenges and innovations. Throughout all of Lesaffre’s activities and processes across various industries, it is committed to acting responsibly and playing its part in optimizing the use of natural resources to make a difference