Fabbri Group wins first prize at the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award

Fabbri Group  won the first prize of the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award for its Nature Fresh certified compostable film.

Entirely developed and produced by Fabbri Group, Nature Fresh is the world’s first bioplastic compostable cling film for automatic food packaging, certified as home and industrial compostable according to the Standard EN 13432.

The formulation of Nature Fresh is based on a special grade of the BASF compostable polymer ecovioÒ, specifically developed for Fabbri Group, and on the BASF compostable polymer ecoflexÒ.

Nature Fresh effectively contributes to the circular economy: it fits perfectly into the overall composting process and due to the characteristics of the remaining biomass, the resulting compost is suitable for plant growth.

The Nature Fresh project was recognised by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme “Horizon 2020”; it has already been awarded the historical Italian prize, “Packaging Oscars” and – through the Fabbri UK client Westaway Sausages – the UK Packaging Awards in 2020.

Stefano Mele, chief executive officer of Fabbri Group, commented: “The first prize at the BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award is an additional acknowledgement, on an international level, of the commitment and of the efforts that our Company makes towards the development of sustainable packaging solutions. A year after its market launch, Nature Fresh has already been produced in hundreds of tons, with which millions of compostable food packages have been put on the global market.”

The BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award is given to pioneering products or applications of biodegradable polymers, made of materials that at the end of their life can be metabolised by microorganisms into biomass to become part of natural cycles.

The award is promoted by the non-profit association POLYKUM, and includes an independent Jury with experts of economy, science, politics and media.

Nature Fresh was appreciated by the Jury as packaging cling film protecting food, people, and the environment: it offers performances equivalent to PVC and a better water vapour transmission rate when compared to traditional cling films. It has high mechanical resistance and extensibility, high puncture resistance and it demonstrates maximum performance with thicknesses optimised for application, while boasting high levels of transparency and anti-fog properties.

Today, Fabbri Group is working on the development of other bioplastic films for non-stretch applications.