Fabbri Group unveils new Hybrid range

Automac Dual, Automac Industrial and Automac Ultra – these are the latest wrapping machines to Fabbri Group’s new Fabbri Hybrid range, which ensure the packaging of fresh products with any type of stretch film, in both neutral and printed format, such as PVC-based film, PE-based film, bio-based film and compostable film.

For Fabbri Group, sustainability, convenience and performance are of utmost importance. All the films the company produces are characterised by reduced thickness and high performance, ensuring a low use of raw materials and the lightest possible packaging. Focus is also paid to the disposal of packaging at the end of its life. For instance, the recent Nature Fresh certified compostable film can be thrown directly into the domestic compost bin without generating packaging waste.

The synergy between the Hybrid wrapping machines and the films produced by Fabbri Group thus offers optimal results, in addition to the new machines’ capability to support alternative films. With a single wrapper that runs multiple films, retailers and industrial packers will be able to maintain operations while minimising the need for technical adaptations.

Fabbri Group will soon include the Elixa series wrapping machines into the Hybrid family.