Everything from a Single Source: Industrially Harnessed Energy Chain Systems from igus

From the readychain Basic and the readychain Standard up to Standard Plus and the readychain Premium (from left to right): The customer receives precisely the reliable and tested energy supply solution needed to reduce costs. (Source: igus GmbH)

With readychain Basic, Standard, Standard Plus and Premium, customers save on harnessing, storage and assembly costs

At igus the name “readychain” stands for pre-assembled tailor-made energy chain systems. With the new readychain Basic, Standard, Standard Plus and Premium, the motion plastics specialist now has four options in its product range, which delivers everything to customers from a single source, from the simple combination of an e-chain and cable up to fully harnessed and assembled energy chain systems. This is not only convenient but also saves operating costs.

igus offers reliable, tested energy chains and cables for moving applications as well ready harnessed complete systems. Especially for long travel distances and highly filled multi-axis systems, they not only save time in harnessing and assembly but also offer predictable costs to customers. All moving components were developed, tested and coordinated in igus’ own test laboratory. With readychain, customers receive a complete reliable pre-assembled system from a single source, directly from the manufacturer and with a guarantee. At the same time, the number of suppliers and orders can be reduced by up to 75 percent, while storage and process costs are avoided.

One order, one invoice, one delivery

igus project managers accompany the readychain systems through all phases of the project. While doing so the interfaces, delivery status, assembly process and effort of the customer are just as important as the product itself. In the igus factory, the readychains are manufactured industrially on an area of 3,000 square metres with state-of-the-art production technology and specialised employees – from simple to complex systems with individually specified cables, hoses, plug connectors, internal separators, mounting brackets and attachments. “We are industrialising manual work,” explains Christian Stremlau, head of the readychain and readycable business unit at igus. “Because throughput, quality and price have become more important.” Depending on the degree of harnessing the customer can choose between un-harnessed chainflex cables (readychain Basic) or pre-assembled readycable cables (readychain standard) for use in e-chains. This is also available as a ready-to-install multi-axis system with sheet metal, which reduces the plug-in points and optimises the connection interfaces (readychain Standard Plus).

The user has access to the comprehensive readycable range with over 4,000 different drive cables in seven quality classes. “The pre-harnessed cables, including connectors, are custom-made in the desired length with centimetre precision, as is now normal for the industry,” Stremlau adds. “At igus, therefore, there is no minimum quantity surcharge.” For further cost savings and at the same time high convenience for the customer, igus offers to undertake the delivery and assembly of the fully harnessed energy chain system directly on the machine (readychain Premium). A precisely fitting transport frame known as the “readychain rack” ensures a secure and fast mounting of the module on site, so that it can be put into operation immediately in a machine tool via plug & play. For product and service, the customer receives only a single order number per product group. igus manufactures the readychains in twelve factories across the globe and delivers them virtually worldwide, thanks to the sophisticated logistics, within one to ten days on the guaranteed deadline.

You can get an insight into the readychain harnessing at igus in the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ4VAeHW510