Eurotek Engineering rebrands as Korutek Engineering

Korutek Engineering, formerly Eurotek Engineering, has announced its rebrand. 

The specialist provider of custom design and installation services for industrial spiral freezers, chillers and coolers is changing its name and branding to reflect an emboldened commitment towards its international partners. 

The new name, which is derived from Maori, translates as ‘spiral’ and, along with the logo visuals, reflects Korutek’s specialism in spiral freezer solutions.

“The rebrand from Eurotek to Korutek is an exciting evolution for the company,” said Rahim Ali, managing director of Korutek. “Under the new name, we will maintain the fantastic reputation built over several years’ of experience in the industry and continue to bring customers across the globe the very best industrial freezer and cooling systems.”

As part of a global positioning, Korutek’s rebrand signifies its commitment to clients across the world.

“We are proud to work with many partners throughout Europe, but felt it was the right timing for a rebrand given our global market,” continued Ali. “Customers can still expect the same level of professionalism, attention to detail and unswerving commitment from our team to bring clients cost, time and energy-efficient solutions.”