Euromed presents plant extracts at Vitafoods Europe 2024

Euromed’s range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts will continue to be at the forefront of the company’s functional solutions

Euromed will showcase its latest innovations at Vitafoods Europe 2024. The company will highlight a range of natural herbal extracts inspired by the Mediterranean diet, with focus on its new cucumber extract CuberUp, a potentially promising natural approach to the maintenance of healthy joints.

Euromed’s range of Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extract, including lemon, pomegranate, olive, artichoke, fig and spinach, continue to be at the forefront of supporting cardiovascular, metabolic, digestive, immune and skeletal muscle functions. Marketed under the brand names Wellemon, Pomanox, Mediteanox, Cynamed, ABAlife and Spisar, they are processed with an eco-friendly extraction technology that uses purified water as the solvent.

A major highlight of this year’s presentation is CuberUp. Supported by a recent double-blind clinical study, the cucumber extract has a positive impact on knee pain, mobility and muscle function in people over 40 years with knee function limitations. Joint health support is crucial not only for healthy ageing, but also sportspeople. CuberUp therefore offers a promising approach for all those struggling with joint problems or looking to prevent them. Increasing interest in natural, sustainable and science-backed nutraceuticals and functional foods further aligns with the potential of CuberUp.

To continue to provide such new medicinal botanical innovations, Euromed is committed to the advancement of scientific and research methodologies, as explained by Andrea Zangara, head of scientific communication and medical affairs at Euromed: “We combine tradition and science, which is further supported by advanced technological applications in our research strategy. For example, we are exploring new predictive methods, including bioinformatics, to forecast the efficacy and safety of new extracts for evaluation in subsequent clinical trials. We aim to generate new scientific knowledge through more efficient methodologies, thereby improving the quality of our science.”