EU Automation launches resource centre for manufacturing professionals

New online learning platform on modern manufacturing.

In response to the industry’s need for information on technology that can support them out of the post-pandemic lull, automation equipment supplier EU Automation has pooled its resources into a new online Knowledge Hub. At a click of a button, visitors can download a wealth of resources on additive manufacturing (AM), artificial intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0, cyber security, obsolescence, sustainability and the circular economy.

Having published Automated since 2016, EU Automation has gathered insights from trade bodies, innovative start-ups and created a content bank. The Knowledge Hub take this several steps further by providing a way to download a range of resources on an industry trend of their choice.

The company has also made its two manufacturing books – The Book of Obsolescence Management and 4.0 Sight – available for free download.

Jonathan Wilkins, director at EU Automation, said: “Google Trends data suggests that the search term ‘free online learning’ increased dramatically during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is a desire to learn about innovative manufacturing technologies that could help propel companies out of the pandemic lull, by improving processes, making better use of their people, and by helping to drive productivity.

“EU Automation wanted to share the knowledge and expertise it has gathered on cutting-edge technology and present it in a digestible way. We hope that collating all our expertise and removing the pay-wall on our books will help more industry professionals access learning resources, and inspire them to consider new approaches.”