Enzymatic technology from Better Juice reduces sugar loads in fruit sorbets by 60%

Made from puréed fruit, water, and added sugars or alternative sweeteners, sorbets are prone to a higher glycaemic index as they do not contain fat — leading to a faster absorption of sugars into the bloodstream

Better Juice has expanded its sugar-reduction technology to include fruit sorbets, allowing manufacturers to give their products a “better-for-you” label. The company will showcase the reduced sugar sorbet at the IFT Expo in Chicago from 15-17 Jul.

The ingredient list of fruit sorbets usually includes around 50% puréed fruit, added sugars or alternative sweeteners and water; they thus contain a naturally high sugar content. The glycaemic index typically surpasses that of ice cream because it contains sugar from the fruits and no fat, leading to a faster absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

“Even products claiming zero added sugar still house approximately 6-10% sugar from the fruit juice concentrates alone,” explained Gali Yarom, co-founder and CEO of Better Juice.

To create sugar-reduced sorbets, Better Juice adapted its technology to process fruit concentrates and purées, the core ingredient of sorbets. They have produced sorbets in a range of flavours, including apple, orange, and strawberry, reducing sugar content by 50% to-70% and calories by 40%.

Better Juice’s enzymatic technology is based on non-GMO microorganisms that convert fruit juice’s composition of sucrose, glucose, and fructose into prebiotic oligosaccharides and other non-digestible fibres, without impacting their composition of vitamins, fibre, and nutrients. The fruit juices are treated in continuous-flow columns that contain immobilised sugar-reducing beads.

 “We succeeded in creating delicious sorbets with as little as 2% sugar,” exclaimed Yarom. “Our treated sorbets possess a more gentle sweetness yet retain all their characteristic fruity notes and flavour. Yet they have fewer calories and a lower glycaemic index.”

According to a recent report from Innova Markets Insights, sugar reduction has been the primary focus for confectionary innovators responding to consumer demand for more nutritious formats without sacrificing flavour.

Better Juice will provide its technology to ice cream chains and CPG ice cream and sorbet manufacturers via small, easy to use plug-in units that contain the immobilised enzymes. Manufacturers will be able to reduce the sugar content of their products, including ice creams with fruit, at desired levels of up to 80%.

Ice cream makers will alternatively have the option of sourcing reduced sugar concentrates from other B2B/C Juice manufacturers in the US holding agreements with the company to install the sugar-reduction device in their facilities.

Better Juice recently obtained self-affirmed GRAS status from the US-FDA, allowing it to sell its products in the US. The company will initially commercialise its solution for sorbet and ice cream in the US, with plans to extend its services to Europe and other regions.

“This accomplishment showcases our ability to broaden the scope of applications that our technology can apply to,” added Eran Blachinsky PhD, co-founder and CTO of Better Juice. “Its potential goes beyond just fruit juices to any product that contains real fruit components, such as jams and fruit roll-ups which are also in the pipeline for a Better Juice sugar reduction makeover. We deliver good news to consumers who are consciously seeking to reduce their sugar intake or with sugar sensitivities without having to give up the enjoyment of these sweet delights.”

In Jan, Better Juice announced its collaboration with Ingredion. Ingredion Ventures, Ingredion’s venture investment arm, will lead the Series A funding round for Better Juice which will fast-track penetration of its breakthrough sugar-reduction solution into the US juice market.