A New Cermex Vertical Case Erector for Low and Medium Speeds

Automation & Control Systems

In October, Cermex launched a new automatic vertical case erector for American style (Regular Slotted Container or “RSC”) cardboard boxes. Designed for the low and medium speeds, the F312 offers the best compactness/price/performance ratio currently available on the market. Equipped with the high quality components selected by the brand, and finished to the same level as the high speed machines, its quality and its reliability are unprecedented for low and medium speed machines, which make it ideal for demanding industrial environments.

The F312 is also well positioned economically, in a context of starting to automate the end of a line; since it is easy to isolate, the erection function can constitute the first step in such automation. Economical, ergonomic, and flexible, the new F312 is available with the main standard automation equipment brands. It is an addition to the F3 range, enabling that range to offer a comprehensive set of solutions for erecting RSC cases, and thus enabling Gebo Cermex to handle any type of industrial challenge.

A New Machine that Fits all Production Environments

Resolutely versatile, the new F312 automatic vertical case erector is designed to handle American-style cardboard cases (RSCs and “HSCs”: Half Slotted Containers) or of any type, quality, and thickness of cardboard.

Changing format takes less than 2mins thanks to quick-release fast adjustment systems (push pull without requiring a crank handle), and thanks to the number of adjustment points being reduced by centralization, all of those points being accessible on a single side of the case former.

The modular design of the F312 enables the user to choose between three types of closure for the bottom flaps of the box: hot-melt gluing, adhesive tape, or double closure combining both (hot melt + adhesive tape). And for even more flexibility, a machine delivered with closure by adhesive tape can be retrofitted to offer hot-melt if the user subsequently wishes to change or upgrade its process.

The compactness of the new case erector is an asset in maximizing its capacity to handle different industrial challenges. Mounted in-line or installed at 90°, the F312 fits into the most confined of places. The cardboard blanks magazine capacity is maximized with a working loading length of 1,400mm, giving excellent machine autonomy between reloading. Logistically, its compactness allows it to be transported without being disassembled in a 20’ dry shipping container, and it can therefore be fitted in no longer than half a day.

The new F312 is available with the main standard automation equipment brands: Siemens and Rockwell Automation.

Performance Transposed from High-Speed Case Packing Technology

The cardboard blanks magazine of the new F312 rests on two separate conveyors equipped with chains and driven in controlled and independent manner for smooth advance and accurate positioning of the blank at the extraction station. The case is extracted and folded positively in two stages, by means of two mechanical arms with eight suction cups, giving the Cermex case erectors higher efficiency, compared with systems combining extraction and folding on a fixed guide in one step.

The bottom flaps are folded positively. The longitudinal flaps are pre-folded at a standstill at the same time as the case is being squared up. The cases as held square are transferred sequentially by a mechanical pusher and then by motor-driven side belts with controlled, speed, which guarantees regular and uniform application of the hot-melt glue strips or adhesive tape.

The erected cases are then handled between side belts, with compensation/absorption of tolerances over the width of the box. A uniform pressure for sealing is applied statically before removal. The equipment HMI is available as a standard feature in the form of a 6” or 7” touch-screen display panel.

A broad range of settings for accommodating a wide range of packaging optimizes the performance of Cermex’s new vertical case erector.