New Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouch takes 1-MUL corrosion protection to the next level


Cortec Corporation has announced that its convenient Cor-Pak 1-MUL pouches are now available in 8-MUL format for eight times the corrosion protection volume previously offered. Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouches works the same as Cor-Pak 1-MUL, but instead of only protecting one cubic foot of space, the Cor-Pak 8-MUL offers corrosion protection for ferrous or non-ferrous metals packaged or stored by to eight cubic feet of enclosed space.

The 8-MUL is easy to insert manually or automatically into cardboard, plastic, metal, or wood containers where corrosion protection is needed.

Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouches work by emitting Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) that condense on all mental surfaces within the package, even in recessed or difficult to reach spaces. The VpCI molecular layer is self-replenishing, providing on-going corrosion protection even after the package is temporarily opened and resealed. Protected parts, components, and assemblies can be used upon removal from the package protected by the Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouch.

Cortec stressed that no degreasing or cleaning of the VpCI molecular layer is required. Furthermore, the Cor-Pak 8-MUL provides desiccant action, and can be used to provide corrosion protection of parts in antistatic package.

Cor-Pak 8-MUL pouches measure 4*6.9-inches, and come 150 units per carton. Some uses include protection of motors, mechanical controls, precision machined or stamped parts, marine and commercial electronic equipment, electrical equipment, and tools.