Increased payload and wider reach: Sidel’s M version of CoboAccess_Pal answers growing cobotic palletising needs


The trend to reduce end-of-line production cost in low-speed lines by replacing manual palletising operations with compact and user-friendly cobotic palletisers continues to rise, especially due to the fast return on investment (ROI) of these solutions. Nevertheless, the spread of this automation technology has often been limited by its payload capability and working envelope.

Sidel has launched an extension to their CoboAccess_Pal cobotic palletising range featuring higher case payload. The new M version of Sidel’s cobotic palletiser features a Yaskawa HC20, allowing for a case payload of up to 14kg with a reach of 1,700mm.

Florian Marlot, product manager for the CoboAccess_Pal platform at Sidel, claimed that Sidel is the first in Europe to embed the Yaskawa HC20 for palletising tasks, and explained: “With the CoboAccess_Pal M version, we can now answer a wider scope of palletising needs within the food, home and personal care segments.”

Reaching any expected pallet height up to 1,900mm and speeds up to six cycles per minute, the equipment allows for “free and safe” interactions between the operators and the fenceless cell. Marlot continued: “Cobotics is an increasingly crucial asset in end-of-line operations. It reduces end-of-line production cost while improving the operators’ working conditions, freeing them from the very strenuous manual palletising tasks.”

Delivering performance on a reduced overall footprint, CoboAccess_Pal M version maintains the attributes of Sidel’s cobotic palletising range. It includes its industrial automation platform based on PC and PLC, ensuring high machine reliability and fast machine restart after stoppages. Moreover, the intuitive HMI offers a user-friendly experience. Also, PalDesigner, which has been used on the market to this end for years across various Sidel palletising solutions, allow for an autonomous new format and pallet pattern creation.

“Almost two years after the initial launch of the S version and with more than 50 installed units, this latest expansion of our portfolio is perfectly completing our range of cobotic palletisers to answer any type of need,” Marlot concluded.