Editor’s pickAwareness and behaviour towards Omega-3 in Asia-Pacific


Omega-3 is a widely known and popular ingredient amongst consumer. Due to a rise in consumers looking to actively improve their health by following a “better-for-me” lifestyle, they are becoming more proactive when searching for ingredients that can offer a functional benefit. Omega-3 has been seen as a key ingredient which offers many benefits from improving mental and physical wellness. So, are consumers in Asia-Pacific looking for Omega-3 as a product to improve their long-term health? Will Cowling elaborates more.


FMCG Gurus consumer insights show that 82% of consumers in Asia-Pacific are aware of the ingredient Omega-3. The awareness around Omega-3 is widely considered as positive as 80% say they believe it has a positive impact on their health. However, although many people are showing positive awareness of the ingredient Omega-3, only 35% of consumers look for the claim when buying food and drink products.

From FMCG Gurus consumer research study, fish (64%) and meat (67%) are the two main categories where consumers actively look for the claim Omega-3. The claim Omega-3 has a positive impact on consumers due to its association with health. This is seen as 38% say that they would be willing to pay a premium price for Omega-3 most to all of the time. This is due to consumers taking a proactive approach to health as they look to be “healthier for longer”.

Omega-3 has many benefits to improve consumers health. FMCG Gurus consumer insights show there are two key benefits which consumers believe Omega-3 to offer. The first benefit is that is helps to improve mental well-being (50%), and the second benefit is that is helps reduce risk of diabetes (52%). FMCG Gurus consumer insight show that 59% of consumer say their consumption of Omega-3 has increased in the last 12 months. This highlights that consumers are becoming more proactive when addressing their health, and how they are improving their diets.

Challenges and opportunities
When it comes to Omega-3, there are still many opportunities which brands and manufacturers can implement in the FMCG Market to increase satisfaction. Consumer research from FMCG Gurus shows that consumers in Asia-Pacific would like tastier product when it comes to Omega-3. 60% of consumers also want more cost-effective products. This is also highlighted as 49% of people in Asia-Pacific, who do not proactively look for the claim Omega-3, say that they do not do so because the products are too expensive.

Although consumers are actively looking for ingredients such as Omega-3, price is still seen as a key factor. Consumers want to improve their long-term health, however, they are still price sensitive as cost-effective prices are seen as making the product more attractive. Overall, consumers in Asia-Pacific are becoming more aware of the impact certain ingredients have on their health, which it has led to an increase in consumers looking for products in the FMCG Market that offer a nutritional benefit at a cost-effective price.

This article is written by Will Cowling, marketing manager at FMCG Gurus, and is based on the company’s Global and Regional Omega and Fatty Acids survey.